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Discover the Simplest Way to Teach A Child How to Read!

Dear Publishing Agent:

Please take a moment to let me show you how this series of children's books comprises a new strategy for teaching young children to read while capturing their attention with fun adventures!


Kit Beginning Reader Books are carefully crafted to bring young kids from knowing letters and their sounds to confidently reading short books. Colorful illustrations and catchy Dr. Seuss-style rhymes hold the child’s interest while teaching them to read in a new and efficient way. Kids love to follow the crazy adventures of "Kit", their cute and quirky green alien friend!


There are 16 individual books in the series structured into 3 levels of reading:


Scroll down for a quick review of the 6 key features that make this series phenomenally powerful for teaching a child how to read.


Unique Structure Built Around Word Length.

Surpassing other beginning reader series in simplicity and effectiveness, Kit Beginning Reader Books employ a unique approach of limiting words used in each book by their lengthIn fact, the entire first set of these books (Level A), which contains 6 complete books, is written using only words up to three letters long!


Why is this important? Because it’s so easy to start reading these books that a child only needs recognition of letters and basic knowledge of the sounds they make. By putting three letter sounds together to make a word, they can read the entire first set of books!


The next set (Level B), consisting of five entire books, increases word length, but only to four letters! The final set (Level C), five more books, increases the word length to only five letters long! This amazing feature is unlike anything that’s ever been done before in children's books.

Structured Introduction to Phonics Concepts

Not only is word length limited, but phonetic patterns are also limited. For example, the first book has short vowel sounds in the pattern consonant+vowel+consonant. Long vowel patterns aren’t introduced until Book A-3!

Inside the front cover of each book is an at-a-glance list of the phonetic concepts covered. Limiting word length and phonetic patterns is vital to teaching kids to “read by doing” in a gently progressive manner.

Phonetic concepts are gradually expanded in Levels B and C as word length increases. By the end of the series, all primary concepts of phonics have been taught and the child is ready to move on to more difficult books! Kit Beginning Reader Books aren’t just gently progressive when it comes to word length and phonics. The series also gradually builds concepts like rhyme patterns, multiple syllables, contractions, quotation marks, and more. When it comes to structured progressive readers, these books can’t be beat!

Convenient Additional Reading Helps for Young Children

A major feature of this awesome series is that the full list of words the child just read is presented at the end of each book, reinforcing the concepts just introduced!

After reading one of the books, the beginning reader will love the neatly organized list of words at the back! New words for each book are always in bold so kids can easily spot the words they just learned. It’s fun and exciting! A feeling of satisfaction is created in the child as they review all the words they just learned how to read. Immediate review is a powerful way to reinforce concepts when learning something new!

As the author, I would almost say that the structure of the series is scientifically developed. In writing this series, I undertook an effort that no one has ever attempted before. I kept track of word length, phonetic concepts, parts of speech, rhyming words, and more—all while telling adventurous stories about Kit! I even added a Parent/Teacher Guide when the series was complete (see below).

Education Enhanced Through Entertainment

This series of books holds the interest of young children through stimulating content:

  • Fun, catchy rhymes

  • Full-page, colorful illustrations

  • Doses of humor and craziness throughout

Kids get instantly hooked on the rhyme patterns, simplicity of reading, and colorful pictures!

Keeping a child’s interest in reading motivates them to progress!

Written like simplified classic poetry with Dr Seuss-style rhyming, rhyme patterns change and get more interesting. In Level B and C books, every line rhymes with another line on the page.

Illustrated using state-of-the-art, multi-layered vector graphics and edge-to-edge full-color pages, even the book covers are colored-coded to make them easy to arrange.

And they’re funny! Children smile as Kit repeatedly gets into crazy circumstances and laugh as Kit reacts in humorous ways again and again!


Back in 1957, Dr. Seuss revolutionized the world of beginning readers by writing books that encouraged children to read in a totally new way! His catchy rhymes and fascinating illustrations have captivated kids for the last 66 years!

As an author, I'm attempting to revolutionize the world of early readers once again! This series of books includes catchy rhymes and cute-and-funny illustrations that will captivate children for generations to come! Plus, my books have a ton of added structure to build reading skills systematically. Dr. Seuss was a master at what he did. I'm just following in his footsteps but with a new twist.

Adventure-Filled Stories That Follow a Main Character

Reading doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be fun! By building upon stories that surround a main character who has many adventures, these easy readers foster a love of reading in children!

Kids love stories with familiar characters. Kit’s quirky character is maintained and developed throughout the series. He learns, grows, and gains various experiences here on Earth. Kids love to watch Kit go to new places, experience new things, meet new people, struggle with difficulties, make decisions, and express himself in silly ways! And with each book, their confidence in reading grows!

Parents and Teachers Will Be Proud of the Lessons the Child Learns!

Tastefully including racial diversity and avoiding social, political, and religious conflicts, these books also teach many beneficial lessons. Children observe how Kit deals with adversity by maintaining a positive, joyful attitude and by tackling things with humor and fun. Whether he’s shopping, eating, driving, hiking, hanging out with animals at the zoo, or flying around in his saucer, Kit is ever kind, enjoys nature, loves animals, and makes new friends. Kit’s gratitude and love of life is sure to rub off!

Teaching a Child to Read with Minimal Time Commitment


A brief guide was built just for parents and teachers! As an author, I went above and beyond by creating a fabulous Parent/Teacher Guide that beautifully accompanies this brand new set of easy readers. It not only reduces the work of parents and teachers, but it tremendously simplifies it for them as well.

Want to see it? Click the book cover below to download a PDF copy of this amazing guide.


Surpassing other similar guides in many ways, this Parent/Teacher Guide provides at-a-glance shortcuts to the exact new concepts for each book, new words that apply to each concept, and other helpful tips. The best part? It’s so short and concise that it won’t take much of their time! There are no long lessons to read! Parents and teachers can watch a child learn to read with little effort on their part. The guide literally starts with an easy one-page introduction that tells them exactly how to use it.


What’s provided here is concise, organized, and to the point. The Parent/Teacher Guide gives a clear overview of the series plus some cool features at the back such as the full list of words in the entire series. It's a fun and easy way to help a child learn to read! Plus, the printed version is colored gray so that it can’t be confused with the books in the series.

As the author, I made a decent attempt to publish this amazing series on my own on Amazon. However, the combination of printing costs, Amazon's steep fees, and advertising costs prevent me from being able to get this series out there on my own. This is why I seek partnership with a literary agent. Please assist me in publishing this awesome new series, help make these books available for the children of the world, and enjoy your portion in its destined success.

Click here to contact the author 

FYI, I am open to changing the brand name Read-iculous Books, the name of the series, and even the pen name Max Loony. In any case, this unique set of beginning readers is destined to become a treasured classic!

Thank you for considering Kit Beginning Reader Books!

More information is provided below. You can also see a sample of Book A-6: Kit and the Bug (one of my personal favorites) by clicking on the below link.


Other Options for Publishing

These books were designed to be sold as individual paperbacks. Making boxed sets of these available would be ideal for publishing. They could also be sold as electronic books in Kindle, Nook, or other formats. In addition, I have already built 3 combined volumes, one for each level (A, B, and C). Each volume restricts word length to a certain size and includes the books in that level as shown here:

This first combined volume contains all six Level A books—with all the same great features as the individual books. This entire volume of books is written using only words up to 3 letters long!


  • Book A-1: Meet Kit

  • Book A-2: More Kit

  • Book A-3: Kit Does Math

  • Book A-4: Kit And Critters

  • Book A-5: Kit Meets People

  • Book A-6: Kit And The Bug

This second combined volume contains all five Level B books. Written using only words up to 4 letters long, every line in Level B books rhymes with another line on the same page!


  • Book B-1: Kit Comes To Town

  • Book B-2: Kit Takes A Drive

  • Book B-3: Kit Goes Hiking

  • Book B-4: Kit Shops For Clothes

  • Book B-5: Kit Reads About Animals

This third combined volume contains all five Level C books. Written using only words up to 5 letters long, every line in Level C books rhymes with another line on the same page!


  • Book C-1: Kit Explores A House

  • Book C-2: Kit Goes Out To Eat

  • Book C-3: Kit Explores The Earth

  • Book C-4: Kit Loves Life!

  • Book C-5: Kit Goes Home!

There’s Nothing Else Like It in All the World!

This series of easy readers is like nothing else available in the world today, surpassing other popular series in its effectiveness and engagement. In my market research of competing series of beginning readers, I found nothing like this in all the English-speaking world. The closest thing I know of is Bob Books. They are tiny squarish books that come in sets. They consist of simple words with very simple sketch illustrations. Bob Books have sold millions of copies for over 40 years. Compare them to Kit Beginning Reader Books, and you will notice some key differences. My new series surpasses Bob Books in many ways…

Kit Beginning Reader Books Beat Bob Books in 10 Ways:

  • Kit Books are fully illustrated with full-color, full-page illustrations (whereas Bob Books have simple black-and-white sketch illustrations)

  • Kit Books limit word length to build confidence in reading before introducing longer words (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books gradually introduce new phonetic concepts and list those concepts inside the cover of each book (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books include a simple Parent/Teacher Guide for each book in the series (Bob Books have no such guide)

  • Kit Books emphasize phonetic exception words for each book (this is absent in Bob Books)

  • Kit Books include a list of all words used at the back of each book with new words in bold (this is absent in Bob Books)

  • Kit Books utilize more consistent and restrictive rhyming, including rhyming every line with another line in Levels B and C (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books follow far more interesting story lines than Bob Books, with each book having its own unique story to tell (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books have a single main character that the child can follow through every exciting adventure (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books are color-coded for easy organization and storage (Bob Books have the same color for all the books in each set)

Review of Key Features of Kit Beginning Reader Books:

  • This carefully crafted series will bring young children from only knowing letters and their sounds to confidently reading short books!

  • Their unique approach, colorful illustrations, catchy Dr Seuss-style rhymes, and engaging stories will captivate the child’s interest and make learning to read an enjoyable adventure!

  • The series is composed of 16 books in 3 levels, each limited by word length and each introducing slightly harder concepts in phonics, to teach reading in a new and efficient way.

  • Each book in the series takes kids on a new adventure while building upon their reading skills.

  • Just inside the front cover of any Kit Beginning Reader Book is at an “at a glance” view of the concepts covered in that book.

  • A concise, helpful Parent/Teacher Guide is also available.

Thank you!

Thank you for helping make these fantastic books available to the English-speaking world. I look forward to partnering with you to make this vision a reality.

To contact the author, click here.

To download a PDF of the full Parent/Teacher Guide, click here.

To view an example of one of the books, go to Book A-6: Kit and the Bug

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