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Caring for Your Rock

About this book…

Caring for Your Rock is an illustrated toddler’s board book. It consists of 24 pages (12 front and back including cover) and about 215 words.


Synopsis: Caring for Your Rock continues this series with another inanimate object. It’s an instruction manual for toddlers and preschoolers of how to find, clean, and carry their special rock. Funny illustrations of personified rocks combine with sweet and happy text. Young ones will love this book about a rock, especially with its hysterical ending!


This book is not yet illustrated. Only the text is presented here, with indications of page separations and descriptions of the illustrations. It’s more work than you’d think to illustrate a book like this. Check it out and let us know if you think it’s worth the effort!

Copyright protected. Reproduction of this work in any form without express permission of the owner is strictly prohibited.


(page 1 right)

Illustration: Boy approaching bank of stream with many rocks.

Finding your rock is the first step. 

(pages 2-3 both sides)

Illustration (both sides): Boy crouched down along stream, looking at various rocks. They have all sorts of expressions on their faces.

(left) Don’t pick one that doesn’t want to be with you!

(right) Pick a rock that looks happy! You don’t want one that’s angry or sad or mean.

(page 4 left)

Illustration: Boy holding a rock that’s smiling smugly. Boy is staring closely at it. 

Some rocks have special, even magical powers. Look closely at your rock.

(page 5 right)

Illustration: Close-up of rock in boy’s hand, glowing like it’s magical.

Does it look magical to you?

(page 6 left)

Illustration: Boy is washing rock in a stream. 

The first thing you must do is give your rock a bath.

(page 7 right)

Illustration: Rock is sparkling in the sun (and very happy).

Wash it until it sparkles!

(page 8 left)

Illustration: Boy holding rock in hand. Rock is trying to smile but is a little squished. 

Your rock must feel good in your hand.

(page 9 right)

Illustration: Boy is dropping rock in pocket. Rock is looking down into pocket as it goes in.

And it must fit nicely in your pocket!

(page 10 left)

Illustration: Boy is feeling sad. 

Whenever you are feeling bad, just hold your rock.

(page 11 right)

Illustration: Boy is happy with rock in his hand.

It will make you feel better right away!

(page 12 left)

Illustration: Boy is about to set rock on dresser. 

Give your rock a special place to live. Put it on your dresser.

(page 13 right)

Illustration: Then he opens drawer to put rock in. Rock looks proud to get such a special place.

Or even in your top drawer!

(page 14 left)

Illustration: Boy is taking rock with him (out of drawer). 

Remember to take your rock with you when you go out.

(page 15 right)

Illustration: Boy is reaching into pocket and smiling.

You can always reach into your pocket and feel that it is there.

(page 16 left)

Illustration: Boy sliding down slide with rock next to him. 

Your rock will love to do things with you. It will play with you on the playground.

(page 17 right)

Illustration: Rock is on round table outside while boy sits and eats ice cream.

It will even sit and have ice cream with you!

(page 18 left)

Illustration: Boy holding rock with both hands and snuggling it up to his face. 

Your rock is your lifelong friend—so never lose your rock or throw it away.

(page 19 right)

Illustration: Boy is putting rock back in top drawer.

You must keep it forever!

(page 20 left)

Illustration: Inside the top drawer. Scene is dark. A few odd things are nearby. Rock is sitting and quietly smiling/resting inside the drawer.

Even if your rock sits around for a very, very, VERY long time…

(page 21 right)

Illustration: Very old man rocking in rocking chair. He is wearing same clothes as boy was. He has beard and is holding rock in his hand and smiling. Rock looks old too, also has a beard, and is smiling back.

When you are older, it will still make you smile!

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