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Read-iculous Books Readers


Each of the Read-iculous Books readers are aimed at a particular reading level. They are designed to captivate the interest of the child who is learning to read at that level. These books gently encourage children to progress in their reading skills by including a few words throughout each book that are slightly more difficult to read.


There is currently one Read-iculous Books reader that is complete with illustrations. 

The Paper Clip is a Level 3 Reader. A young boy with a fantastic imagination discovers a lone paper clip on a table and imagines a series of crazy ways it could have gotten there. Let us know what you think!

My Amazing Dog Duke is another Level 3 Reader that is written and edited but not yet illustrated. Written with Dr. Seuss-like sing-song rhyming, Duke’s hilarious and surprising antics will capture the attention of the beginning reader. Check it out and provide your feedback on whether you think it should be illustrated!


Now meet Fybol. Fybol is a cute little alien who loves adventure!

Two of the Fybol books have been written, but a whole series is being planned. Featuring our little alien friend, each of the books in the Fybol series will engage young readers with lyrical words, colorful illustrations, and exciting adventures!

What Is This Place? - In this first book of the Fybol series, Fybol finds Earth—a beautiful planet floating out in space. Follow his adventures as he explores both urban and rural areas. Review it and provide your feedback.

Fybol Tours the Solar System - In this book, Fybol flies his little saucer all around the solar system, exploring each planet, the asteroids, the sun, and finally the Earth. Let us know what you think.

Additional Read-iculous Readers Planned for the Future:

Good Morning, World!

The Happiest Boy in the World

The Happiest Girl in the World

Fybol Builds a House

Fybol Learns to Read (the first book in a series of early readers at progressive levels of difficulty)


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Thanks again for your help making the Read-iculous Books vision a reality!

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