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You have a free download of this awesome Parent/Teacher Guide (black-and-white PDF version):

Click the button or the book cover picture to download your free PDF copy. You can always get the paperback or Kindle version of this book later, if you choose.

Got it? Awesome! You've made the first step toward implementing the best beginning reader series available for teaching your child how to read!

Do you have your copy of the newest and hottest beginning reader series yet?

If you’re ready to buy Kit Beginning Reader Books now…

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Remember to Grab the Complete Series for Maximum Results!


Add each of the books in the series to your cart and then check out.

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How Much Do These Books Cost?

As of November 3, to get this series out there, we have pulled out all of the profit and reduced prices down to the absolute minimums. For a limited time, most Kit Beginning Reader Books are only $6 each. That covers only the cost of printing plus Amazon’s listing fees. There is literally $0 profit in that price. These are high-quality full-color glossy prints, so the cost of printing is fairly high. We didn’t skimp on quality, as these books are worth the absolute best!


An Electronic Version of This Series is Also Available.

If you’re into Kindle books, every book in the series is available in Kindle edition for much less. If you choose to obtain the electronic version of these books, an iPad or other tablet is strongly recommended for viewing by your child. They’ll be able to view the books as two-page spreads in vibrant color. The Kindle editions sell for $1.99-$2.99 each (US or equivalent elsewhere). Once again, we set these to the absolute minimum price allowed on Amazon. And yes, the Parent/Teacher Guide is also available on Kindle.


Click Here to Purchase the Entire Series as Kindle Books

Remember to complete the purchase for all 16 books in the series (and the Parent/Teacher Guide if you want it).


But there are simpler ways to obtain this fabulous series as printed books…

Entire Series Also Available As Combined Volumes!

Level A Volume Includes Six Books

If you’d rather have fewer books, this entire new series is also available in combined volumes, one for each level (A, B, and C).

This first combined volume contains all six Level A books—with all the same great features as the individual books.


  • Book A-1: Meet Kit

  • Book A-2: More Kit

  • Book A-3: Kit Does Math

  • Book A-4: Kit And Critters

  • Book A-5: Kit Meets People

  • Book A-6: Kit And The Bug

Remember, this entire volume of books is written using only words up to three letters long! Learning to read has never been so easy and so fun!

Level B Volume Includes Five Books

This second combined volume contains all five Level B books, including:

  • Book B-1: Kit Comes To Town

  • Book B-2: Kit Takes A Drive

  • Book B-3: Kit Goes Hiking

  • Book B-4: Kit Shops For Clothes

  • Book B-5: Kit Reads About Animals

This entire volume of books is written using only words up to four letters long! In addition, every line in Level B books rhymes with another line on the same page, making learning to read even more fun!

Level C Volume Includes Five Books

This third combined volume contains all five Level C books, including:

  • Book C-1: Kit Explores A House

  • Book C-2: Kit Goes Out To Eat

  • Book C-3: Kit Explores The Earth

  • Book C-4: Kit Loves Life!

  • Book C-5: Kit Goes Home!

This entire volume of books is written using only words up to five letters long! As with Level B, every line in Level C books rhymes with another line on the same page, making learning to read even more fun!


Each combined volume is available in multiple formats: beautiful hardcover books in high-quality glossy color, softcover books in standard color, and electronic (Kindle) edition. Remember, for Kindle books, an iPad or other tablet is strongly recommended for viewing by your child.


The cost of printing high-quality full-color glossy hardcover books is very high. We have pulled the profit out of those as well to make them more affordable. If you want the best quality, we recommend the hardcover version. For a limited time, the softcover versions of the combined volumes have also been reduced to only $14.99 each (each volume containing 5-6 books). Pricing on the combined volumes may vary from the list price. Check the link below for current pricing.


Click Here to Purchase the Series as Combined Volumes

Remember to add the volumes for all 3 levels to your cart!

If you also want a printed version of the Parent/Teacher Guide, you can get it here.


The combined books are also available in Kindle edition for much less. Keep in mind that means that multiple books will be included in a single Kindle book, so it won’t be as easy for your child to navigate through them. However, that is the cheapest way to obtain this awesome new series. As of November 3, these have also been reduced down to only $9.99 for each combined volume.

Full Money-Back Guarantee.

Your purchase will be processed by Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. If the books don’t meet your expectations in any way, you can send them back for a full refund. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about—and your child has everything to gain!


Say Goodbye to Worry and Hello to Peace of Mind.

Say goodbye to any frustration with your child, their lack of attention, hesitancy, and difficulty understanding or retaining lessons. Kit Beginning Reader Books are the clear choice in a progressive reading system that engages your child’s attention and interest while making the learning process enjoyable! This new series provides easy reading experiences, requires little parent guidance or effort, and offers you peace of mind.


See How Kit’s Adventures Make Learning to Read a Breeze.

Take a journey through the pages of Kit Beginning Reader Books and see for yourself how it works. Preschool and kindergarten kids love to follow the crazy adventures of Kit, their cute and quirky green alien friend! Imagine your excitement as you see how easily and quickly your child is able to read a simple book! You’ll witness their progress and newfound confidence as they embark on Kit’s crazy adventures!


There’s Nothing Else Like It in All the World!

This series of easy readers is like nothing else available in the world today, surpassing other popular series in its effectiveness and engagement. We guarantee that you won’t find anything like it in all the English-speaking world. There is truly no other simplified system of reading that even comes close! The closest thing we know of are Bob Books. Are you familiar with those tiny squarish books that come in sets? They consist of simple words with very simple sketch illustrations. True, Bob Books have sold millions of copies for over 40 years, but we’ve compared them to Kit Beginning Reader Books and noticed some key differences. In fact, the author intended this new series to surpass Bob Books in many ways…

Kit Beginning Reader Books Beat Bob Books in 10 Ways:

  • Kit Books are fully illustrated with full-color, full-page illustrations (whereas Bob Books have simple black-and-white sketch illustrations)

  • Kit Books limit word length to build confidence in reading before introducing longer words (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books list new phonetic concepts inside the cover of each book (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books include a simple Parent/Teacher Guide for each book in the series (Bob Books have no such guide)

  • Kit Books emphasize phonetic exception words for each book (this is absent in Bob Books)

  • Kit Books include a list of all words used at the back of each book with new words in bold (this is absent in Bob Books)

  • Kit Books utilize more consistent and restrictive rhyming, including rhyming every line with another line in Levels B and C (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books follow far more interesting story lines than Bob Books, with each book having its own unique story to tell (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books have a single main character that the child can follow through every exciting adventure (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books are color-coded for easy organization and storage (Bob Books have the same color for all the books in each set)


If you’d still rather just purchase Bob Books because they’ve been around for a while, go ahead. In fact, we’ll even give you a link to the first set of these books on Amazon:


But if you’d like a system that’s carefully designed and crafted to make learning to read easy and fun, you know you’ve already found it!

Ready to Get Started?

Click Here to Purchase Kit Beginning Reader Books on Amazon

Remember to Obtain the Entire Series for the Complete Reading Journey!

What Better Investment Can There Be?

Your goal is to teach your child how to read, right? Remember that you’re not investing in books. You’re investing in your child and in their future success! With Kit Beginning Reader Books, you don’t need expensive phonics programs or other materials to teach your child how to read! This brand new series has been in the works for years and is finally being published in Fall 2023. It’s designed to support you as a parent by providing a comprehensive solution. You don’t need anything else! Get your copy now and watch your child soar into reading!


  • Our carefully crafted series will bring your child from only knowing letters and their sounds to confidently reading short books!

  • Our unique approach, colorful illustrations, catchy Dr Seuss-style rhymes, and engaging stories will captivate your child’s interest and make learning to read an enjoyable adventure!

  • The series is composed of 16 books in 3 levels, each introducing slightly harder concepts in phonics, to teach reading in a new and efficient way.

  • Each book in the series takes your child on a new adventure while building upon their reading skills.

  • Check inside the front cover of any Kit Beginning Reader Book for an “at a glance” view of the concepts covered in that book.

  • A brief, helpful Parent/Teacher Guide has been built just for you.

It’s A Fabulous Trade-off!

Instead of struggling to teach your child how to read, you’ll be empowered and confident to get them reading immediately with one of the simplest reading book series available in the world. Instead of worrying about whether your child can really grasp reading concepts, you will be able to watch them progress at a steady pace! Instead of continuing to seek materials for teaching your child to read, you will settle down with the simplest, most direct, gently progressive reading series in the world!

And that means you can relax knowing that your child has the best beginning reader system in their hands! And what that really means is that you won’t have to worry about teaching your child to read any more… because they’ll already be doing it!

Get rid of worry, frustration, and those butterflies in your stomach! Instead, have fun teaching your child how to read—and start celebrating!

Purchase Your Copy of Kit Beginning Reader Books Today!

Remember to add all 16 books in the series to your cart before you check out.


Or, if you’d rather get the Kit Beginning Reader Books as 3 combined volumes…


Click Here to Purchase the Series as Combined Volumes

Remember to add the volumes for Levels A, B, and C to your cart before you check out.


All Kit Books are available in electronic (Kindle) edition as well.

Purchase your copy of the accompanying Parent/Teacher Guide here

Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunity to Empower Your Child’s Reading Journey.

This unique and brand new set of beginning readers is destined to become a treasured classic! Thank you for considering Kit Beginning Reader Books as your primary tool for teaching your child the reading skills they need to enhance the rest of their lives!

Remember to grab the whole series for maximum benefit.

Are you ready to get started?

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