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Escape the Frustrations and Worries of Traditional Methods.


Are you frustrated with teaching your child how to read? Or are you simply annoyed with trying to find materials that will help you out?

Does your child resist learning to read or lack interest in books? Or do they struggle in spite of their efforts?

Are you irritated with reading programs that are just too complex, overwhelming, or take way too much of your time?

Are you inundated with too much information and not sure which system is right for your child?


We understand the challenges you’re facing. You’ve just found the answer you were looking for!


Kit Beginning Reader Books Provide the Ultimate Solution.


Teaching your child to read can be a challenging and overwhelming task. The frustration, lack of attention, and difficulty understanding lessons can make the process seem impossible to your child. But what if we told you there’s a better way?



You’ve discovered Kit Beginning Reader Books: the clear choice for teaching your child to read.


Say Goodbye to Frustration and Hello to Confident Readers!


When looking for materials to teach your child how to read, you should consider what your goal is. Is it to have them recognize thousands of words by sight? Of course not! Is it for your child to simply know how to string letter sounds together to make words? Yes, exactly! Phonetics is at the core of reading! And in no time at all, our carefully crafted beginning reader series will bring your child from only knowing letters and their sounds to confidently reading short books!


What are Kit Beginning Reader Books?


Let’s start with a simpler question: Who is “Kit”?

Kit is the name of your child’s new friend—a cute little green alien. Young kids love to follow Kit’s crazy adventures on earth. Parents and children alike immediately fall in love with Kit’s happy attitude and his quirky style!


But these aren’t lesson books! No, no!

They’re stories about all of Kit’s adventures.

And who doesn’t love stories, right?

While your child follows these interesting stories, they learn to read. Simple.

How is this done?

By making the stories super easy to read!

Ready to Unlock the Power of Reading for Your Child?


You’re about to find out the 6 Key Features that make the Kit books the best beginning reader series ever created!


Now you may be thinking: I have a preschooler and I want them to get ahead of the game. Will this series be right for them?

Absolutely! In fact, the Kit Beginning Reader Books are designed so that very young children can start reading right away. All they need to know to begin are the basic sounds that each letter makes.


Or maybe you have a child that’s already in school and they’re falling behind. You’re concerned about their future success and perhaps even their self-confidence. Will this help?

Yes, this series is a perfect way to teach your child to read, especially when traditional phonics lessons aren’t working!


Do you think your child is dyslexic or that they have attention difficulties or other specific concerns?

No problem! Once again, you won’t find a simpler reading program on the market today. These books may be your best chance at successfully teaching your child how to read.


Perhaps none of that applies to your child. You’d just like some supplemental materials to support and reinforce what they’re learning in school.

Get them these books, and watch them zoom ahead!


Experience the Joy of Watching Your Child Succeed in Reading!


How would you like to make your child’s process of learning to read not only easy, but fun?

Could this be possible for your child?

We know it is!


Success in Teaching Your Child to Read Is Within Reach!


If you’re seeking a way to teach your child how to read in the easiest manner possible, all the while boosting their confidence, providing stimulating content, keeping their attention with engaging stories and appealing illustrations, and making it so fun that you foster a love of reading deep within them, then look no further!


Okay, so what makes this brand new series so special and unique?

There are 6 Key Aspects that make the Kit Beginning Reader series rank #1 in its class. Here they are!


Effective, Easy Reading

Unique Structure Built Around Word Length.


Any good beginning reader series will start with the simplest words first. Of course, Kit Beginning Reader Books are no exception to this! However, this series employs a unique approach of limiting words used in the books by their length. This is the first major feature of these books. Sounds interesting, right?


Surpassing Other Beginning Reader Series in Simplicity and Effectiveness.


Are you sitting down? Good. Because what we’re about to show you will nearly knock you over!

The first entire book in the series is written using only words up to 3 letters long! In fact, the first book gives an introduction to Kit using only 47 distinct words! 33 of these are 3-letter words, and the rest are only 1-2 letters each. Talk about easy to read!


Here’s an example from the first book (Meet Kit):


Witness their Confidence Grow with Every Book in the Series.


But that’s not all! The entirety of Level A, which consists of 6 complete books, is written using only words up to 3 letters long!


Yes, you heard that right! An entire set of books written using 3-letter words! Crazy, huh?

Why is this important?

Because it’s so easy to start reading these books that a child only needs to understand a few concepts to begin: recognition of the letters in the alphabet, a basic knowledge of the main sound each letter makes, and the idea that putting 3 letter sounds together makes a word.


That’s right! Your child only needs to know letters and their sounds, then you have one concept to explain to them: Make three letter sounds in the right order, and you’ve read a word! With that, they can read the entire first book—and the next book will follow easily! And the next…and the next…


Here’s an example from the last book in Level A, Book A-6 (Kit and the Bug):


16 Books in 3 Levels, Progressively Building Reading Skills.


From Book A-1 through Book A-6, the content is limited to 3-letter words or less. As your child progresses through these first six books, the books get steadily longer and use more and more words. The sixth book in the series uses 240 distinct words, all while maintaining the word length limit to only 3 letters. By the time your child is able to read Book A-6, they’ll be ready to move on to Level B.


As you might expect, Level B increases the word length, but only to 4 letters. And this level consists of 5 entire books, all written using words only 1-4 letters long! As with the previous level, the first book in this set is shorter with each book after that getting progressively longer.


Level C, the final level of the series, increases the word length to 5 letters. This level also contains 5 complete books, all written using only words up to 5 letters long! Once again, the books get longer and more difficult as the child moves through the series.


And this is just the first of the 6 key features of this book series! Now for the next…


Building A Foundation

Structured Introduction to Phonics Concepts.


Word length is just the beginning! A key component of the structure of this reader series is how the concepts of phonics are introduced—slowly but surely! The second main feature of these books is that each one is limited to only words with certain phonetic patterns.


Unlock Your Child’s Reading Potential with a Progressive Reading System.


Each book in the series introduces several new phonics concepts. So, not only was the word length deliberately limited in writing these books, but which words of that length could be used was also strictly limited.

For example, Book A-1 introduces short vowel sounds in the common pattern of consonant + vowel + consonant. The long vowel pattern of vowel + consonant + “e” is not introduced until Book A-3!

Other phonetic patterns are introduced slowly, in a progressive manner with each book, such as: double-vowels, consonant blends, vowel combinations, and words ending in “y”.


This idea of limiting not only word length but also phonetic patterns is a vital concept to teaching children to “read by doing” in a progressive, steady fashion.


Watch Your Child Read with Ease as They Dive into New Books!


Inside the front cover of each of the Kit books is a list of the phonetic concepts that are covered in that book. This gives you, as the parent, a quick glance at the concepts they will learn in each new book.

Now, we all know that English has many words that are exceptions to the rules of phonics. For your convenience, exception words used are listed at the end of the list of concepts in each book.


Here is an example from the inside cover of the first book:


When 4 letters are allowed in Level B, it opens the way for new and more complicated phonetic concepts to be introduced. Some examples are short vowels with consonant blends (such as “part”, “rest”, and “song”) and vowel combinations between consonants (like “road”, “near”, and “seas”).


Here is an example from the inside cover of Book B-2 (Kit Takes A Drive):


A Comprehensive System of Learning to Read.


When we get to Level C books and 5-letter words are allowed, the remainder of primary concepts in phonics are slowly introduced.

In fact, by the final book in the series, we’ve touched upon virtually every phonetic concept the child needs for reading. This includes more complex phonetic patterns like squ— (“squad”), —ste (“taste”), eigh (“weigh”, “eight”), ight (“light”, “fight”), 3-letter consonant blends (like “patch”, “world”, “fifth”, “split”), and a variety of silent letters in different patterns (such as “lamb”, “know”, “thumb”, “doubt”, “ghost”, “rhyme”). It even includes a few 3-syllable words.


Kit Beginning Reader Books aren’t just gently progressive when it comes to phonics. The series slowly introduces and builds upon a variety of other concepts as well, such as rhyming patterns, multiple syllable words, contractions, use of quotation marks, and other rules of punctuation. It even covers the use of apostrophes for possessive words.


When it comes to structured progressive readers, these books can’t be beat!

Reinforcing Reading Concepts

Convenient Additional Reading Helps for Your Child.


The third major feature of the Kit Beginning Reader Books series is that a full list of all of the words your child just read is presented at the end of each book. And this list is given by order of word length as well!


Reinforcing Concepts That Were Just Introduced.


After successfully reading through one of the books, your child will love to browse through the neatly organized list of words at the back of the book. New words introduced in each book are always shown in bold so that the child can easily spot the words they just learned to read. It’s both fun and exciting! Imagine the look of satisfaction on the face of your child as they review all the new words they just learned how to read!


Reviewing what was just learned is a powerful way to reinforce concepts when learning something new! And that’s just what these books do by providing the complete list of words at the end.


Here’s an example from Book A-4 (Kit And Critters):


Introducing A Scientifically-Designed Reading System.


The structure of the series is so amazing that we could almost say it’s scientifically developed.

Written by Max Loony, author and creator of Read-iculous Books. It’s not his real name, but maybe he is a bit crazy. After all, he undertook an effort that no one has ever attempted before. Max, tell us, how did you do it?

(From Max Loony)

It wasn’t easy, but you might say there is actually a science to it. Here’s what I did: I started by taking the complete list of 3-letter words in English. I categorized them by type (noun, verb, etc.), then focused on the structure of the words. Only words with certain patterns were allowed for each book. For example, the first book has mostly 3-letter words structured as consonant-vowel-consonant with short vowels sounds. With a small set of words available to write with, I then looked at which ones rhymed. The big challenge was writing text for each book that used only the allowed words while at the same time told an interesting story with complete sentence structures—oh, and which also rhymed. Using 3-letter English words, I ended up writing 6 complete books in this fashion.

With each level, I restricted which words could be used for all the books except the last one, where I opened it up to all available words of that length. For example, in Book A-6, I was able to use any 3-letter word in my list.

When I moved to the next set of books, Level B, I expanded the word length to 4 letters. I started the whole process over again of restricting which words could be used in each book, based on the phonetic concepts of certain word patterns. For example, vowel combinations, such as “ou” or “oi”, would have to wait for a book that introduced those concepts. When I got to Book B-5, I opened it up to any word in my list up to 4 letters long.

With the larger set of words available in the Level B books, I found it much easier to write interesting stories. So, as an additional challenge and to make the text more captivating to the beginning reader, I rhymed each line with another line on the same page.

I then did the same with the Level C books, starting over again by restricting words based on phonetic concepts and rhyming each line with another line.

I also kept track of which words each book used and then determined which ones were new. I tracked a lot of “dimensions” at once: word length, parts of speech, phonetic structures, rhyming words, punctuation, syllables, and more. I then very carefully built a detailed guide that describes every new concept introduced by every book and which new words those concepts included.

Throughout all of this, I had to write catchy rhymes, tell interesting stories, and build and develop the character of Kit himself. While it was a ton of work, it was actually a lot of fun!

Thank you, Max, for that explanation. So, perhaps this series really was “scientifically” developed! He even built a set of statistics for the series, provided at the back of the Parent/Teacher Guide. These statistics include distinct word counts, total words, page counts, and the percent of change between books in the series. Keep reading to find out more!


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Fun, Stimulating Content

Experience the Magic of Kit Beginning Reader Books:

Engaging Illustrations and Catchy Rhymes that Hold Your Child’s Interest.


The fourth key aspect of this beginning reader series is that it provides fun and stimulating content. Keeping your child’s interest in reading motivates them to progress!


The content of each book is written like simplified classic poetry. Rhyme patterns change in various ways to hook the child’s attention on the words themselves. As your child progresses through the series, these patterns of rhyming get more complex and interesting. And as we have already described, in all of the Level B and C books, every line rhymes with another line on that page!


In addition, the entire series was illustrated using state-of-the-art, multi-layered vector graphics. Using a copy, paste, and modify approach, the illustrations maintain consistency throughout the series. The pages of the books themselves are fully illustrated edge-to-edge and printed using high-quality color inks.


As an added bonus, to make it super easy to arrange the printed books, each book cover is printed in a different color. You don’t have to look at the level or number of each book. Just arrange them in rainbow fashion and they’ll be in the right order! Yes, we’ve thought of everything.


Not only that, but substantial doses of humor are spread throughout the pages of these books! Watch your child smile as Kit gets into crazy circumstances over and over. Hear your child laugh as Kit reacts in humorous ways again and again!


Here’s a great example from Book B-2 (Kit Takes A Drive):


Max Loony is the New Dr. Seuss.


Back in 1957, Dr. Seuss revolutionized the world of beginning readers by writing books that encouraged children to read in a totally new way! His books included catchy rhymes and fascinating illustrations that have captivated kids for the last 66 years! They continue to be some of the best-selling children’s books of all time.


Today in 2023, Max Loony is revolutionizing the world of beginning readers once again! His Kit books include catchy rhymes and cute-and-funny illustrations that will captivate children for generations to come! On top of that, he has added a ton of structure to the words used in his books. So maybe Max Loony is like Dr. Seuss but a bit more technical?


“Dr. Seuss was a master at what he did. I’m just following in his footsteps but with a new twist.” —Max Loony


Truly, Max Loony is the new Dr. Seuss!

Love Of Reading

Adventure-Filled Stories Gradually Introduce New Concepts for Continued Growth.

In addition to all you’ve already learned about them, Kit Beginning Reader Books take things even further than expected. By building upon stories that surround a main character who has many different adventures, this new series fosters a love of reading in your child!


Children love stories with characters they are familiar with. Kit’s quirky character is developed and maintained throughout the series. He learns, he grows, and he gains various experiences here on Earth.

Kids love to watch Kit go to new places, experience new things, meet new people, struggle with difficulties, make decisions, and express himself in silly ways!

This familiarity with character is another way that Kit Beginning Reader Books hook your child’s attention and keep them progressing through the series.


Trade the Struggle for Empowerment:

Teach Your Child to Read with Confidence.


Reading doesn’t have to be a struggle! Reading can be fun! And Read-iculous Books is ready to prove that to the world!


Your child will grow in confidence with each book in the series that they accomplish reading. And this series boosts their confidence right away by starting with books that are extremely simple to read!

With this inspired confidence and familiarity with Kit’s exquisite character, your child will be excited to see what new adventure Kit will embark on in the next book. The fun doesn’t end until the series is done—and by then your child knows how to read!


In the last book of the series, Kit goes back home. Your child will see more of the inside of Kit’s flying saucer. They’ll see his home planet—and even inside of Kit’s home!

There, in Kit’s own tutoring room, he will give a final reading lesson. His final lesson includes a review of nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, phonetic exceptions, syllables, and rhymes—all while using only words up to 5 letters long and while rhyming them together.

Yes, Kit even rhymes about rhyming!


Feel Your Child’s Sense of Accomplishment!


At the end of the last book, Kit presents a reward for completing the series, congratulates your child for a job well done, and then encourages them to keep reading new books. Your child will then be ready to pick up virtually any other children’s book—and just read it!


You know by know that the Kit Beginning Reader Books are designed to gently teach a child how to read and then gradually get them acclimated to being comfortable with more and more difficult reading material. And you can see how, at the end of the series, it goes beyond this purpose and leaves your child with not only the confidence to read but a healthy appetite for more reading material.

Your goal of teaching your child how to read will be accomplished. And isn’t that why you’re here?


Now we’re going to tell you even more benefits that this series provides to your child…


Be Proud of the Lessons Your Child Learns!


Not only do the Kit Beginning Reader Books avoid social, political, and religious issues and tastefully include racial diversity throughout the illustrations, but they present many beneficial lessons for children.

Your child will follow Kit as he deals with various forms of adversity throughout his adventures. They’ll see how he handles difficulties and tackles everything with humor and fun.

Whether he’s shopping, eating, driving, hiking, hanging out with animals at the zoo, or flying around in his saucer, Kit maintains a joyful, positive attitude. He enjoys nature, loves animals, likes making new friends, and is always kind to every creature he meets.


In Book C-4 (Kit Loves Life!), your child will learn all about Kit’s reasons for enjoying life so much. He wakes up every morning with gratitude, let’s insults roll off of him, never holds a grudge, doesn’t worry, deals with every obstacle and difficulty in stride, and keeps his sense of humor handy! His beautiful attitude and happy spirit is sure to rub off on your child!


As your child gets to know Kit quite well throughout these books, they find that he always diverts back to being happy no matter what happens to him! So, not only do these books teach children to read, but Kit ends up being a fantastic example to kids as well!

These great lessons will benefit your child psychologically and spiritually. And this is why you can also be proud of the bonus lessons that your child will learn from their happy little alien friend.


And now for the last awesome key feature of this brand new beginning reader series…

Parent/Teacher Guide

Helpful Parent/Teacher Guide Available for Support.


To top it all off, Max has included a fabulous Parent/Teacher Guide that beautifully accompanies this brand new set of beginning readers.


In the Parent/Teacher Guide, Max has done it again—he has surpassed what other guides do in many ways!

With a lot of educational programs, there’s just too much detail given in parent/teacher guides. Put bluntly, there’s too much for the parent to do. And honestly, a lot of parents simply don’t do the amount of work that’s required.

Max has not only reduced your work as a parent but has tremendously simplified it for you!


Teach Your Child to Read with Minimal Time Commitment.


We all have busy lives in this modern age. Being well aware of this, Max decided to create a guide for parents that would not only be easy to read through, but super easy to follow. Yes, you have the time to read this Parent/Teacher Guide!

How do we know? Because it starts with a one-page introduction. That’s the only critical part you need to read at first. One page!

In just a few minutes of your time, you will know exactly how to use the Parent/Teacher Guide.


After that comes a list of all the books in the series. Then, in a very methodical way, a page or two of information is provided for each of the books. All you have to do is review the short section provided in your guide for each new book that your child starts. This, too, will only take you a few minutes.

The amount of practical detail packed into this little bit of space is incredible!


Simplifying the Complex in a Beautiful Way!


What’s provided here is very concise, organized, and to the point. It’s basically an expanded view of the list of concepts given in the inside front cover of each of the books.

The key difference is that the Parent/Teacher Guide provides you with the new words that apply to each new concept plus a few helpful tips for each book.

For phonetic exceptions, it even gives you with the page numbers that those exception words first appear on. This allows you to easily teach your child how to pronounce more difficult words when they come across them.

It couldn’t be simpler!


In addition, the guide provides other bits of information where it is appropriate, such as when new contractions are introduced. For some of the later books in the series, it also lists the new words for notable phonetic concepts that were already introduced in a previous book.

In a few cases, this additional information spills over into a third page in the Parent/Teacher Guide, but the information provided is quite concise. We believe you’ll find it very handy to have these details available at a glance in this invaluable guide that was created just for you!

Here’s an example of the 2 pages in the Parent/Teacher Guide for Book B-3 (Kit Goes Hiking):


See what we mean? It’s short and to-the-point!

The Guide Provides a Clear Overview of the Series.

After giving concise at-a-glance details for each book in the series, the Parent/Teacher Guide provides two fun features at the back, just before the Acknowledgements page of the series:

One is the statistical overview of the books which was mentioned above. This includes the distinct words, total words, and page counts for each book in the series, plus a percent change of these counts between books and totals for the series at the bottom. We think you’ll find this page interesting.

After that is a full list of all the words that have been used in the entire series of Kit Beginning Reader Books. And yes, this list is also organized by word length. We think you’ll find that fun as well!


Here’s a brief outline of what’s in the Parent/Teacher Guide:


  • Initial pages including Table of Contents

  • The one important page that you must read as a parent

  • The list of all books in the series

  • Pages for each book that provide concise, practical details of phonetic concepts, words for each concept, and tips for you as a parent

  • The overview page for the series (word and page counts)

  • The complete list of words used in the series


The printed version of the Parent/Teacher Guide is the same 6x9 size as all of the other books in the series. It is conveniently colored gray so that it cannot be confused with the rainbow-colored books of the series. Yes, we thought of that, too.

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How Much Do These Books Cost?


Kit Beginning Reader Books are very reasonably priced. Most of the books in the series are available for under $8 each! (US $8 or equivalent elsewhere) A few are slightly higher due to their length and the cost of printing these full-color high-quality books. We didn’t want to skimp on quality, as these books are worth the absolute best!


If that’s too much for you, there are inexpensive ways to obtain this fabulous set of books.


To make it easier on your budget, these books are also available to purchase in combined volumes, one for each level (A, B, and C). Each volume contains 5-6 separate books with all the same features as the individual books. Volumes are available as beautiful hardcover books in high-quality color. The list price for each level is under $43 US (or equivalent elsewhere). The combined volumes are sometimes available for less than the list price. Check the link for current pricing. Be sure to choose the hard-cover version for the same high-quality full-color printing of all the books in each level.


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If you also want a printed version of the Parent/Teacher Guide, you can get it here.


If you’re looking for a significantly discounted version, the combined volumes are also available (in most areas) as softcover books. These are printed using standard color for a substantial price reduction. You still get the same awesome features of each book in the series, but in standard print quality rather than our preferred premium quality. The quality isn’t “bad”—it’s just a little less than ideal. Still, it’s a great tradeoff if you’re looking to save money. You can get the softcover version for under $25 US for each of the 3 volumes. This is an incredible value, as each volume contains 5-6 books!

Use this link to purchase the softcover version (if it’s available in your area).


An Electronic Version of This Series is Also Available.


If you’re into Kindle books, Kit Beginning Reader Books are also available in Kindle edition at an even greater discount. If you choose to obtain the electronic version of these books, an iPad or other tablet is strongly recommended for viewing by your child. A phone will simply be too small for them to clearly see the words and pictures. So, make sure you’re only purchasing the Kindle version if your child has access to read the books on a tablet. Kindle has free apps for Apple and Android devices, so you’ll be able to easily download them onto your tablet.

The Kindle edition of the Kit Beginning Reader Books sell for $3 or $4 each (US or equivalent elsewhere). It’s a great way to get the entire series of individual books for a lot less (under $54 total). And yes, the Parent/Teacher Guide is also available as a Kindle book.

Click Here to Purchase the Entire Series as Kindle Books

Remember to choose the Kindle version and complete the purchase for all 16 books in the series (and the Parent/Teacher Guide if you want it).

If that’s still out of your budget, the absolute cheapest way to purchase these books is to buy the Kindle version of the combined volumes. Yes, that is available. Keep in mind that this means that the entire set of Level A books will be in one Kindle book in a comic-book style of formatting. The same is true for Levels B and C. It’s not as easy to navigate through the books that way, but each entire level on Kindle is under $15 for a total investment of under $45 US (or equivalent elsewhere).


Click Here to Purchase the Combined Volumes as Kindle Books

Remember to choose the Kindle version and complete the purchase for all 3 combined levels.

You can also get the Parent/Teacher Guide on Kindle, if you like, at this link.


Full Money-Back Guarantee.


Your purchase will be processed by Amazon, the world’s leading online retailer. If you don’t like the books, you can send them back for a full refund. So, you’ve got nothing to worry about—and your child has everything to gain!


What Better Investment Can There Be?


Your goal is to teach your child how to read, right?

Remember that you’re not investing in books. You’re investing in your child and in their future success!

Instead of being frustrated with how to teach your child to read, you’ll be watching with pride as they step into reading the first Kit book with ease!

And all you have to do is give them a little bit of guidance here and there.

This is how this brand new series allows you to serve your child extremely well without much effort on your part!


See How Kit’s Adventures Make Learning to Read a Breeze.


Take a journey through the pages of Kit Beginning Reader Books and see for yourself how it works. With colorful illustrations and catchy Dr. Seuss-style rhymes, these books hold your child’s interest while effectively teaching them to read. You’ll witness their progress and newfound confidence as they embark on the crazy adventures of Kit, their cute and quirky green alien friend!


There’s Nothing Else Like It in All the World!


This reading series is unlike anything else available in the world today, surpassing other popular series in its effectiveness and engagement.


We guarantee that you will find nothing else like this beginning reader series in all the English-speaking world. There is truly no other simplified system of reading that comes even close to competing with Kit Beginning Reader Books. The closest thing we know of are Bob Books. Are you familiar with Bob Books? They are tiny squarish little books that come in sets. They consist of simple words with very simple sketch illustrations. True, Bob Books have sold millions of copies for over 40 years, but we’ve compared the Kit Beginning Reader Books to Bob Books and noticed a few primary differences. In fact, Max intended this new series of books to surpass Bob Books in a variety of aspects…

Kit Beginning Reader Books Beat Bob Books in 10 Ways:


  • Kit Books are fully illustrated with full-color, full-page illustrations throughout (whereas Bob Books have simple black-and-white sketch illustrations)

  • Kit Books limit word length to assist children in building confidence in reading before progressing to longer words (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books include a list of new phonetic concepts on the inside front cover of each book (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books include a Parent/Teacher Guide that gives brief instructions to adults for each book in the series plus provides applicable words to the new concepts in each book (Bob Books have no such guide)

  • Kit Books emphasize words in each book that are phonetic exceptions, providing the page number where each exception occurs in the Parent/Teacher Guide (this is absent in Bob Books)

  • Kit Books include an alphabetized list (organized by word size) of all words used in each book at the back of the book with newly introduced words in bold (this is absent in Bob Books)

  • Kit Books utilize more consistent and restrictive rhyming: Level A books rhyme at least every other line; in Level B and C books, every line rhymes with another line

  • Kit Books follow far more interesting story lines than Bob Books, with each book having its own unique story to tell

  • Kit Books have a single main character that the child can follow through every exciting adventure (Bob Books have no such feature)

  • Kit Books are color-coded for easy organization and storage (Bob Books have the same color for all the books in each set)


If you’d still rather just purchase Bob Books because they’ve been around for a while, go ahead. In fact, we’ll even give you a link to the first set of these books on Amazon:


But if you’d like a system that’s so carefully designed and crafted to make learning to read easy and fun, you know you’ve already found it!


Ready to Get Started?

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Say Goodbye to Worry and Hello to Peace of Mind.


Teaching your child to read may feel overwhelming at times. It’s okay to have concerns and doubts. We’re here to support you in those feelings.

We understand the fears, worries, frustrations, and other problems you have about getting your child to read.

Say goodbye to any frustration with your child, their lack of attention, hesitancy, and difficulty with understanding or retaining lessons.


Kit Beginning Reader Books are the clear choice in a progressive reading system that engages your child’s attention and interest while making the learning process enjoyable! This new series provides easy reading experiences, requires little parent guidance or effort, and offers you peace of mind.


Feel the Excitement of Your Child Easily Learning to Read!


Imagine your child’s excitement as they discover how easy it is for them to read!

See their confidence grow as they learn how to read words!

Imagine your excitement as you see how easily and quickly your child is able to read a simple book!

Feel the thrill of that success!

Get rid of worry, frustration, and those butterflies in your stomach!

Instead, have fun teaching your child how to read—and start celebrating!


  • Our carefully crafted series will bring your child from only knowing letters and their sounds to confidently reading short books!

  • Our unique approach, colorful illustrations, catchy Dr. Seuss-style rhymes, and engaging stories will captivate your child’s interest and make learning to read an enjoyable adventure!

  • The series is composed of 16 books in 3 levels, each introducing slightly harder concepts to build upon your child’s reading skills, teaching them to read in a new and efficient way.

  • Each book in the series takes Kit on a different adventure while gradually teaching your child new concepts in reading and phonetics.

  • Check inside the front cover of any Kit Beginning Reader Book for an “at a glance” view of the concepts covered in that book.

  • A helpful Parent/Teacher Guide is available in multiple formats, including a free downloadable PDF version.

Preschool and kindergarten kids love to follow the crazy adventures of Kit, their cute and quirky green alien friend!

Kit Beginning Reader Books make learning to read easy, fun, and exciting!


You Don’t Need Anything Else!


With Kit Beginning Reader Books, you don’t need expensive phonics programs or other materials to teach your child how to read!

This series has been designed to support you as a parent by providing a comprehensive solution to all your problems and concerns about teaching your child to read.

Are you ready to jump on board with the hottest new beginning reader series?

Let your child dive in and learn by doing!


This series has been in the works for years. The entire series is finally being published all at once in the Fall of 2023. Grab your copy now and watch your child soar into reading!


It’s A Fabulous Trade-off!


Instead of struggling to teach your child how to read, you’ll be empowered and confident to get them reading immediately with one of the simplest reading book series available in the world.


Instead of worrying about whether your child can really grasp reading concepts, you will be able to watch them progress at a steady pace as they move through these colorful and engaging books!


Instead of continuing to seek materials for teaching your child to read, you will settle down with the simplest, most direct, gently progressive reading series in the world!


And that means you can relax knowing that your child has the best beginning reader system in their hands!


And what that really means is that you won’t have to worry about teaching your child to read any more… because they’ll already be doing it!


Don’t Miss Out on the Opportunity to Empower Your Child’s Reading Journey.


Purchase Your Copy of Kit Beginning Reader Books Today!

Remember to add all 16 books in the series to your cart before you check out.


Or, if you’d rather get the Kit Beginning Reader Books as 3 combined volumes…


Click Here to Purchase the Series as Combined Volumes

Remember to add the volumes for Levels A, B, and C to your cart before you check out.


All Kit Books are available in electronic (Kindle) edition as well.


This unique and brand new set of beginning readers is destined to become a treasured classic!

Thank you for considering Kit Beginning Reader Books as your primary tool for teaching your child the reading skills they need to enhance the rest of their lives!

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