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Fybol Tours the Solar System

About this book…

Fybol Tours the Solar System is an illustrated level 3 reader. It consists of about 18 pages and 430 words.


Synopsis: Fybol Tours the Solar System follows our cute little alien all around the solar system! Fybol flies around each planet, the asteroids, and the sun, finally arriving at the Earth. Written in a lyrical rhyming scheme, this second book in the series follows Fybol as he checks out planet after planet. Simple but colorful illustrations of Fybol in his saucer around each planet, combined with poetic tidbits of the planets, make this short reader both educational and fun!

This book is not yet illustrated. Only the text is presented here, with indications of page separations. It’s more work than you’d think to illustrate a book like this. Check it out and let us know if you think it’s worth the effort! 


Copyright protected. Reproduction of this work in any form without express permission of the owner is strictly prohibited.


Tours the Solar System

(illustrations of each planet as it is described)


(first page)


Mercury is a great big rock.

It’s hot and cold—oh, what a shock!



One side is as hot as fire,

The other’s cold as ice.

There’s no place here to land my ship.

This place is not so nice!


(next page)


Venus is the size of Earth,

Or maybe a little bit less.

There’s no place here to land my ship.

It would be quite a mess!



Why? Because it’s hot all day,

And hot all through the night!

It’s steamy clouds are nice because

They make a pretty sight!


(next page)


And here is Mars, the big red rock

That floats around the sun.

It’s cold—and colder at the poles!

To land here might be fun.



I could find the warmest spot,

And put on a thick coat.

But even that would not be great,

So I think that I won’t!


(next page)


What have we here, way out in space?

A bunch of rocks all in one place!



The asteroids go around the sun

As if they all had wings!

I don’t think that I’ll land on these.

They’re kind of scary things!


(next page)


Ah, Jupiter, it spins so fast,

The fastest of them all!

There’s no place here to land my ship.

It’s like a liquid ball.



Yes, this planet is just fluid!

A giant freezing sea!

But not the kind where I would swim.

No way! Not even me!


(next page)


And Saturn’s even colder still,

And spins almost as fast.

There’s no place here to land my ship.

I better zoom on past!



Uranus is the next one out,

Another frozen sea!

There’s no place here to land my ship.

It’s not the place to be!


(next page)


And then there’s Neptune, way far out!

The last one of the group.

There’s no place here to land my ship.

It’s also ice cold soup!



What makes these planets way out here

So very very cold?

They are so far from the warm sun.

At least that’s what we’re told!


(next page)


I’m leaving here, it’s much too far!

I’m going back to that bright star!



The sun is very very hot,

As hot as hot can be!

There’s no place here to land my ship

Without it cooking me!



The sun’s a flaming ball of fire,

So bright and oh so hot!

I cannot even look at it

Or I’ll be seeing spots!


(next page)


And then I come to Earth, so nice!

It’s green and brown and blue.

The water’s warm compared to ice.

It’s where I will find you!



Yes, Earth is the best place to be,

And now it’s where you will find me!

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