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Fybol Series - Coming Soon!

Meet Fybol.


Welcome to Earth.

Fybol is a cute little alien who loves adventure!


The Fybol Series consists of poetically rhyming text and interesting illustrations that are both funny and cute. Fybol explores the solar system, the Earth itself, human habitats, and even our language!


What Is This Place? - In this first book of the Fybol series, Fybol finds Earth—a beautiful planet floating out in space. He lands and explores both urban and rural areas before deciding to leave. This book has a bit of an environmental message towards the end.


Fybol Tours the Solar System - In this book, Fybol flies his little saucer all around the solar system, exploring each planet, the asteroids, the sun, and finally the Earth.


Fybol Builds a House (not yet written) is a crazy story in which Fybol attempts to duplicate a human habitation using a ludicrous array of common materials—like pencils and rubber bands!


Fybol Learns to Read (not yet written) is a fun book in which Fybol learns all about the names of things in English. This will be a Level 1 Reader—or perhaps a whole series of early readers that help children progress in their reading.


Fybol is destined to become a character that is known and loved for generations.

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