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Review another book below:


Bugs In Windows - The author is quite proud of this unique, windowed board book.  It’s crazy buggy fun with windows through every page! Lyrical rhyming, colorful artwork, and some hidden extras bring this book to life. Check it out!


Caring for Your Dragon - A ridiculous child’s manual for how to care for a pet dragon. Children will love the crazy adventures of a boy and his dragon in this colorful book!


Caring for Your Unicorn - Another ridiculous child’s manual, this time about caring for a pet unicorn. A girl’s new pet proves to be a challenge in this adorable, magical, and fun book!


Caring for Your Whale - This one’s a little sweeter, but still quite ridiculous! Silly illustrations show how taking care of a pet whale gets crazier and crazier.


Crazy Owls: Meet Hoot and Holla - A photographic board book featuring two insane-looking stuffed owls, this book couples real photos with the text of the owls’ hysterical conversation and adventure!

Read-iculous Books for toddlers and young children not yet illustrated:

Caring for Your Walking Stick takes the series into inanimate objects in ludicrous fashion. It’s currently in line to be illustrated. Review it in advance!

Caring for Your Rock concludes the series (for now) with silly instructions on how to care for a pet rock. It’s currently in line to be illustrated as well. Review it in advance!


The Paper Clip is a Level 3 Reader. A young boy with a fantastic imagination discovers a lone paper clip on a table and imagines a series of crazy ways it could have gotten there. Let us know what you think!

Read-iculous Books for young readers not yet illustrated:

My Amazing Dog Duke is another Level 3 Reader that is written and edited but not yet illustrated. Written with Dr. Seuss-like sing-song rhyming, Duke’s hilarious and surprising antics will capture the attention of the beginning reader. Check it out and provide your feedback on whether you think it should be illustrated!

Meet Fybol—a cute little alien who loves adventure!

Two of the Fybol books have been written, but a whole series is being planned. Featuring our little alien friend, each of the books in the Fybol series will engage young readers with lyrical words, colorful illustrations, and exciting adventures!

What Is This Place? - In this first book of the Fybol series, Fybol finds Earth—a beautiful planet floating out in space. Follow his adventures as he explores both urban and rural areas. Review it and provide your feedback.

Fybol Tours the Solar System - In this book, Fybol flies his little saucer all around the solar system, exploring each planet, the asteroids, the sun, and finally the Earth. Let us know what you think.


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