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About the brand:

Read-iculous Books

Read-iculous Books is a concept for illustrated children’s books that:

  • Encourage the imagination of young children

  • Bring smiles and laughter to both the reader and the listener

  • Open the child’s mind and heart to connection with the reader

  • Deepen relationships between parents and children all over the world

  • Avoid having a hidden agenda, political, social, or otherwise

  • Enable good, clean fun without requiring it to be educational


Read-iculous Books are divided into two major categories:

  1. Picture/board books for toddlers and young children - imaginative, fun, happy, colorful, crazy books that toddlers and preschoolers will love to have read to them! Each of these carefully-crafted books is designed to bring smiles, laughter, and connection to reader and listener alike.

  2. Beginning reader books for young readers - Each of the Read-iculous Books readers are aimed at a particular reading level. They are designed to captivate the interest of the child who is learning to read at that level. These books gently encourage children to progress in their reading skills by including a few words throughout each book that are slightly more difficult to read. As with Beginner Books, they can also be used by parents to teach a child to read.


Of course, all of these have a common theme of being “Read-iculous”. If it’s not crazy (in the best of ways), then it’s not Read-iculous Books!

Consistency in the illustration style is carried across all books under the Read-iculous Books brand. Illustrations are digitally created using a combination of sophisticated vector graphics and digital painting.


Feel free to browse around this website for examples of completed books and some that are yet to be illustrated. And give us your valued feedback!

Thank you in advance for your help making the Read-iculous Books vision a reality!

Read-iculous Books is a federal tax entity and a registered DBA in Riverside County, California.

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