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My Amazing Dog Duke

About this book…

My Amazing Dog Duke is an illustrated level 3 reader. It consists of about 40 pages and over 1,000 words.


Synopsis: My Amazing Dog Duke is an outlandish story told by a young boy about his amazing dog. Written in beautifully rhyming verse (Dr. Seuss-like), one unexpected event leads to another as the boy boasts of all the amazing things that his dog can do. At the end of the story, the reader finds that everything that happened was only in the boys’ imagination.

This book is not yet illustrated. Only the text is presented here, with indications of page separations and some descriptions of illustrations. It’s more work than you’d think to illustrate a book like this. Check it out and let us know if you think it’s worth the effort! 

Copyright protected. Reproduction of this work in any form without express permission of the owner is strictly prohibited.



(first page)


It’s a wonderful day!

The sun’s shining bright.

It makes me forget

There was even a night.



It’s such a good day

And I’m feeling so great!

I’ll get my dog’s leash,

Take him for a …


(new page)




My dog’s a good skater,

Much better than most.

When he’s on the ice,

I can’t help but boast.


He skates all around 

All the others with ease.

He even does tricks

On the ice because he’s…



Wait! Oh, what is this?

Have some dogs fallen down?

Duke better watch out

Or he’ll hit the ground!


(dog weaving around piles of fallen dogs and boys)

He weaves to the left,

On the right he slides by.

He can’t dodge them all!

He’s going to …


(new page)




Yes, my dog can fly, too.

He’s so good at that!

At least till he sees

Some wandering cat!



And then he can’t help

But come down from above

To chase that old cat

And give it a …


(new page)




(hugging one cat, others are showing up)

Yes, Duke just loves cats!

He’s always a friend.

He tells them long stories

Right up to the end.



But cats aren’t so patient

As you should well know.

So they will get up

And they will just …


(new page)




Yes, cats will make snow

All over the ground

To get Duke to stop making

That long-story sound!



And Duke just loves snow!

But he won’t quiet down.

In fact, he’ll start barking

And running around!


Duke plays in the snow.

It’s his greatest desire!

And he loves the cold air

That makes him breathe …


(new page)




Yes, my dog can breathe fire!

He’s just made like that,

Especially when

He’s in snow made by cats!


The sad part of this

Is it melts all the snow!

Now the ground is on fire,

And it’s starting to grow!



A fire truck comes.

The police show up, too.

They see Duke and the fire,

And they know what to do.


When Duke sees the crowd

And the fire on the ground,

My dog starts to whine,

And then runs …


(new page)




Yes, Duke can run fast.

He makes a great wind!

It puts out the fire—

Brings it to an end!



Now the people all cheer!

They pat Duke on the head

They tell me he’s great,

And they throw him a …


(new page)




A nice, cushy bed—

Duke curls up in a snap!

Right then and right there

My fine dog takes a nap!



Duke goes right to sleep,

And I’m sure in his dreams

That everything there

Isn’t quite what it seems…


(new page)


I’ll bet I am there

In his dream that’s so fine.

The two of us sit

At a table to dine.

(boy and dog sitting at table, fine dining style)



(dog on dog bed with dream bubble; in bubble are foods; steak; french bread; small cakes; Duke about to eat one)


There’s meat and there’s bread.

For dessert, there are cakes.

Duke opens his mouth,

And then he …


(new page)




The people all left.

Now it’s just Duke and me.

There is no more party

And nothing to see.


I pick up Duke’s leash

From off of the ground.

I tell him, “Let’s go”, 

So we turn around.



“I’m hungry and tired!”

That’s what I said to him.

“So let’s go back now,”

“And we’ll have a …”


(new page)




Yes, we just jump in,

Make a splash in the pool!

My dog can do this

Because he’s super cool!



Duke puts on his gear

And he dives way down deep!

He’s feeling great now

After that little sleep.


Deep down into the blue

Duke swims in the dark.

At the bottom is where

My dog touches …


(new page)


A shark!


The shark had big teeth.

Duke smacked its long nose!

Because dealing with sharks

Is something Duke knows!



Then my dog stood his ground,

Told that shark to behave.

But it opened its mouth

And it gave us a …


(new page)




It was such a nice shark,

And it meant us no harm!

“I’m sorry,” he said,

“If I caused you alarm.”



He was joined by his friends

There under the sea.

If I wasn’t with Duke,

They would have scared me!


But they were so kind

And not scary at all.

They showed us the way.

We came up at the …


(new page)




So many fine shops

For my dog to explore!

Duke shook himself dry

Then ran into a store!


Duke loves to go shopping!

He likes it a lot.

So a mall filled with shops

Was just the right spot!



Duke tried all the things

That he wanted to try,

Then gathered the things

That he wanted to buy.


A hat and some gloves,

Some shoes and a toy,

And everything else

That brought my dog joy.


But when Duke went to pay,

He looked right at me.

Since I didn’t have money,

They told me …


(new page)


It’s free!


Free stuff is the best

When it’s stuff that you want,

Especially stuff

My dog finds in his hunt!


Duke danced out of there

Into the next store

To shop and to see

If he could get more!



That’s when I said, “No!”

“You can’t have all that!”

“Now put it all back!”

“But you can keep the hat.”


I said, “I am late!”

“And it’s not very cool.”

So we left the mall fast

And we went right to …


(new page)




Now school with my dog

Was a day that was fun!

He did all my work

Until it was done!



My teacher was proud,

And she had to say,

“Wow! This is good stuff!”

“I’ll give you an ‘A’!”


Then everyone cheered.

Now Duke was a star!

I pat my dog’s head

And said, “Duke, you’ll go far!”


Then Duke led the class. 

Who knew he could teach?

He stood up real tall

And gave us a …


(new page)




Yes, Duke can give talks

That will make your head spin.

In every debate

I know Duke will win!



He’s smart—oh, so smart!

And he knows everything!

He can speak, he can dance,

He can even sing!


Then I heard a dog bark.

My mind started to roam.

I looked down at the floor.

What? Now I was …


(new page)




In my hand was Duke’s leash

I had grabbed from the hook.

It was like I’d been gone

Or lost in a book.



Can Duke really skate?

Can he fly? Can he talk?

I wondered these things

As we went for our …


(new page)




The sun was still shining

On this lovely day

As I clipped on the leash

And I told Duke to stay.



Hey, wasn’t that real?

Maybe it was a fluke.

Either way, I still love

My amazing dog Duke!

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