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Read-iculous Books!


I’m Max Loony, author and creator of Read-iculous Books. I’m glad your here!

The Read-iculous Books Mission

My mission with Read-iculous Books is not a small one!

Can you imagine a world...

...where parents and children connect better than they ever have in the past?

I can.


In today’s modern society, too many children are missing quality time with their parents, and too few parents take the time to connect with their children. We imagine parents of the past taking some time to read to their little ones at night and then tucking them into bed with a kiss on the forehead. But do we really do that with our kids today? Maybe you do. If so, kudos to you! 


The reality is, too many of us don’t spend enough time with our kids—and we know it. We mean to, but the busyness of modern life gets in the way all too often. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2017, the average parent spent less than 5 minutes per day reading to their children—even very young children! And then there’s our kids’ interests: TV, movies, video games, and now the internet, social networking, and handheld devices. With so many distractions, many children don’t want to spend time with their parents anyway! 

But let’s not use that as an excuse! Our kids really need us to spend some quality time with them, especially young children. We need to teach them, guide them, and raise them well. And to do this effectively, we really need to CONNECT with our kids! And what is one of the best ways to connect with them? Laughter.

That’s right, laughter! Like a smile, laughter is universal. We instinctively know that laughter is good for us. It’s been proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve cardiac health, prevent illness, and much more. Laughter triggers the body to release endorphins and produces an overall sense of well-being. This is why laughing with others can make us really connect with them. Even sharing a smile gives us a sense of connection. So what better way to connect with our own children than through laughter? We know it’s good for them—and it’s good for our relationship with them!

Why more kids’ books?

There are so many children’s books out on the market.

What’s so special about Read-iculous Books?

The Problem

While there are an increasing number of children’s books published each year, we seem to have missed something. So many are focused too hard on educating the child or on teaching some important lesson. A great many besides have political or social agendas. Of course, I’m all for education, but whatever happened to good, clean fun? As Dr. Seuss wrote in The Cat in the Hat, “It is fun to have fun but you have to know how.” That groundbreaking book was first published in 1957—over 60 years ago! Today, have we forgotten how to just have fun? I mean the kind of fun that connects people together, not the latest app on a kid’s device.

And what about imagination? We all know that Dr. Seuss had quite an imagination, and he obviously encouraged it in children. He’s not the only one. Walt Disney, a man who’s mission was to bring happiness to the world, is known to have said, “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, dreams are forever.” Even Albert Einstein, famed scientist of the 20th century, once said, “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Einstein understood the importance of imagination in the development of intelligence, and he was a pretty smart guy! These great men all knew the importance that imagination plays in the upbringing of children. We need to pay attention to this!

The Solution

This is where Read-iculous Books comes in. Each colorful book is designed to promote smiles, laughter, and a deepening of the connection between the reader and the child being read to. They encourage the young child’s imagination in a silly and lighthearted manner. This psychologically opens the mind and heart of the child to connect with the one reading to them. Not only that, but Read-iculous Books have no political, social, or other agenda! They are all about imagination and fun, tied together in a ridiculous fashion.

I love ridiculous things! One of my favorite movies as a kid was Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Something about that reckless craziness always made me smile. Out of my love for such shameless wackiness and my passionate desire to improve the relationships of parents and children all over the world, the idea of Read-iculous Books was born. And my mission to deepen the connection we each have with our children followed on its heels. Silliness makes our kids smile. And our children’s smiles make us smile!

In a nutshell, the Read-iculous Books Mission is to provide quality children’s books that:

  • Encourage the imagination of young children

  • Bring smiles and laughter to both the reader and the listener

  • Open the child’s mind and heart to connection with the reader

  • Deepen relationships between parents and children all over the world

  • Avoid having a hidden agenda, political, social, or otherwise

  • Enable good, clean fun without requiring it to be educational

Max Loony's Vision

My vision for Read-iculous Books is world-changing!

Imagine a world where parents and children are deeply connected, where toddlers emotionally relate with their parents so well that the rest of their lives are positively affected by it, where parents learn all over again the joy of raising such precious children.


Having studied psychology for many years, I know how important it is for young children to have a deep and lasting emotional connection with their parents. Our relationship with our parents from the time we were very young affects us for the rest of our lives. On the inside, we all know this to be true.

Deep within my soul, I have a purpose to make the world a better place. I intend to do this by bringing happiness to millions. There is nothing I know of that increases people’s happiness more than improving the relationships they have with others. Therefore, I aim to fulfill my purpose by enhancing people’s relationships, especially those between parents and young children. Read-iculous Books will fulfill this purpose by strengthening those critical relationships.

And so, my vision for Read-iculous Books involves improving that utterly-important connection all around the world. It is this:

  • I envision a world where, at the end of their busy day, parents pause and take the time to connect with their children.

  • I envision a world where children are more connected to their parents than they are today.

  • I envision a world where fun, laughter, and imagination play a part in promoting those oh-so-important relationships that kids need.

  • I envision a world where Read-iculous Books blesses the lives of millions of people by helping families deepen their connections to each other through books!

Want to help make this vision a reality? 

You can! 

Here’s how in two easy steps:

Step 1. Review one or more of the completed books on this website. Choose one of the following to get started (or scroll down for more):

          Caring for Your Unicorn          Crazy Owls          Bugs In Windows


Step 2. Send me your comments. It’s easy to do this by using the feedback section at the bottom of the web page for each book.

You can also follow me on social media:

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I will keep you up to date with publishing status, new book releases, and more!


Thank you in advance for your help making the Read-iculous Books vision a reality!


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Bugs In Windows - The author is quite proud of this unique, windowed board book.  It’s crazy buggy fun with windows through every page! Lyrical rhyming, colorful artwork, and some hidden extras bring this book to life. Check it out!


Caring for Your Dragon - A ridiculous child’s manual for how to care for a pet dragon. Children will love the crazy adventures of a boy and his dragon in this colorful book!


Caring for Your Unicorn - Another ridiculous child’s manual, this time for caring for a pet unicorn. A girl’s new pet proves to be a challenge in this adorable, magical, and fun book!


Caring for Your Whale - This one's a little sweeter, but still quite ridiculous! Silly illustrations show how taking care of a pet whale gets crazier and crazier.


Crazy Owls: Meet Hoot and Holla - A photographic board book featuring two insane-looking stuffed owls, this book couples real photos with the text of the owls’ hysterical conversation and adventure!

Read-iculous Books Readers is a series of books designed for beginning readers. Most of these are still in the works, although one is complete. Click here for more information.

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