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Welcome to Read-iculous Books—where education meets fun!

Created by Max Loony, Read-iculous Books is a new brand of children's books. It includes an entire set of beginning readers hosted by a small green alien named 'Kit'.

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Kit Beginning Reader Books are an entire series of beginning readers designed to teach young children to read in the most efficient manner possible!


Created by author Max Loony (aka Robert Potthast), this brand new series is comprised of 16 books divided into 3 levels plus a helpful Parent/Teacher Guide.


These books can be sold as individual paperbacks (above) or combined volumes for each level (below). Boxed sets would be ideal for publishing.


A helpful parents' guide is also available and can be downloaded here.


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This unique set of beginning readers is destined to become a treasured classic!

Thank you for considering Kit Beginning Reader Books!

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